Corporation details - Imperial Shipment [IS]
Alliance: None CEO: Nasub Iphanas
Kills: 616 HQ:
Losses: 304 Members: 57831
ISK destroyed: 459.64B Shares:
ISK lost: 20.29B Tax Rate: 11%
Efficiency: 95.77% Website:
Imperial Shipment started out as the official courier service of the Amarr Emperor, but evolved some decades ago into a full fledged shipping company that operates throughout the Amarr Empire.
Top Solokillers
May 2018
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Pilot Solokills
SirHorace 1. SirHorace 8
Selexid 2. Selexid 4
Benedictus Hartmann 3. Benedictus Hartmann 3
Rafair 4. Rafair 2
Davion Dragonfall 5. Davion Dragonfall 2
Jason Ozran 6. Jason Ozran 2
Hemttaw 7. Hemttaw 1
Suyer 8. Suyer 1
Lump Sharkboard 9. Lump Sharkboard 1
Jo Inegy 10. Jo Inegy 1
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