Kill details
Involved parties: 1

500 Letters left
Ship: Tristan (Frigate)
Location: DNR-7M (0.0)
Date: 2018-02-12 12:09:32
ISK Loss at time of kill: 21,997,400
Total Damage Taken: 1,663
Location in System: 32k km from DNR-7M IX
Entosis Link I
5MN Microwarpdrive I
Stasis Webifier II
EM Ward Field II
Adaptive Nano Plating I
Damage Control II
Upgraded Layered Plating I
Kill verified
Ship details
High Slot High Slot Current Value
Entosis Link I Entosis Link I 1 16.29 M
Medium Slot Medium Slot Current Value
EM Ward Field II EM Ward Field II 1 2.30 M
5MN Microwarpdrive I 5MN Microwarpdrive I 1 53.38 K
Stasis Webifier II Stasis Webifier II 1 1.05 M
Low Slot Low Slot Current Value
Damage Control II Damage Control II 1 529.80 K
Upgraded Layered Plating I Upgraded Layered Plating I 1 2.08 K
Adaptive Nano Plating I Adaptive Nano Plating I 1 41.43 K
Drone Bay Drone Bay Current Value
Acolyte II Acolyte II 2 795.68 K
Acolyte II Acolyte II 1 397.84 K
Cargo Cargo Current Value
Strontium Clathrates Strontium Clathrates 2 4.76 K
Total Module Loss:
Total Module Drop:
Ship Loss:
Total Loss at current prices: 21,914,090.00
API Verification


Top Damage Dealer
Final Blow
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